Organ and Tissue Donation

Deceased people who have died in hospital and are suitable for organ donation may also be suitable for tissue donation.

Tissue Only Donation

Deceased people who may or may not have died in a hospital may be suitable for tissue donation within 24 hours of death.

Living Donor Bone Program

When patients undergo hip replacement surgery, the bone that is removed and otherwise discarded, can be donated to the DTBV. Read more.

Living Donor Heart Valve Program

Whole heart (organ) recipients may donate the valves from their own explanted heart to the DTBV.

Mr Peter Skillington
Mr Peter Skillington, Cardiothoracic Surgeon at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, has seen many people’s lives transformed, and in some cases saved, by the generous donation of heart valves.

The DTBV works closely with the other donation agencies, DonateLife and the Lions Eye Donation Service as well as directly with hospital staff, to offer the opportunity for tissue and cornea donation to as many families as possible.

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