Did you know your old hip bone could be precious to someone else?

Living Donor Bone Program

The DTBV’s Living Donor Bone Program enables people undergoing a hip replacement to donate the bone that would normally be discarded during surgery. Donating your hip bone does not change your hip replacement surgery in any way.
Donating your bone costs you nothing.

How is bone tissue used?

Although your hip bone surface is damaged and needs replacement, it is likely the bone tissue inside is still able to be used by someone else. Bone is the second most transplanted human tissue after blood. Donated bone is commonly used in orthopaedic reconstructive surgery.
Your bone tissue can be used to:

  • Support a total hip prosthesis.
  • Reinforce existing bone in severe fractures.
  • Fill cavities left by the removal of a bone cyst or bone cancer.

Following bone tissue transplant, patients’ mobility is restored allowing them to lead more active lives.

Can I donate?

Anyone about to undergo hip replacement surgery can potentially donate. If you decide to donate, you will be asked to complete a simple medical history questionnaire with either the pre-admission nurse or your surgeon. This will determine whether your donated bone tissue is suitable for transplantation. We may also need to contact your GP for further medical history information.

Most surgeons and hospitals throughout Victoria proudly support the Living Donor Bone Program and encourage their patients to participate.

Ask your doctor today.

How can I donate?

If you wish to donate your hip bone, please tell your surgeon, the receptionist, or the hospital nurse on the day of your admission.
The pre-admission nurse or admitting nurse at your hospital will guide you through the donation process.

For more information about the Living Donor Bone Program, please contact us at the Donor Tissue Bank of Victoria on (03) 9684 4444.

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