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Video: A donor family’s story: ‘Someone else can use something from a tragedy’

Myles Caruana was only 15 years old and when he died unexpectedly of a cardio respiratory arrest which was complicated by an asthma condition. It was a tragedy that no family should ever have to endure and was a devastating time in the lives of the Caruana family.

Myles’ death, however, provided an opportunity for hope due to what Myles called, “The ultimate form of recycling.” Myles had always been an advocate for organ and tissue donation.

His mum, Cynthia said it was just like Myles had a premonition and knew he would help others after his death. “We’re extremely proud of the fact that he wanted to do that. It was his choice,” she said.

Through the generosity of Myles and the Caruana family, Myles’ corneas and heart valves were retrieved and processed by the DTBV. They will give another person the hope of life.

“He would have been happy to know that he was able to give something back in the end,” says Mrs Caruana. “We’re happy because it would have made a difference to someone else’s life, even though it’s come at a great price to us.”

Even though Myles had experienced cardio respiratory arrests previously, his asthma condition contributed to his sudden death. The family had discussed organ and tissue donation years before Myles’ death and every member of the Caruana family had agreed that they should donate tissue.

“We had that conversation with Myles and he certainly made his wishes well known,” Cynthia said. “It has given us a lot of comfort to know that there’s a little piece of him somewhere out there that someone cherishes because it has made a difference to their life.”

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A donor family’s story: ‘Someone else can use something from a tragedy’